About Maison Moderne

Maison Moderne is the leading independent media company in Luxembourg.

A publisher of magazines since 1994, the company has diversified thanks to an ambitious development strategy supported by 100 passionated collaborators.

Specialist in the creation and distribution of print content and quality live events, Maison Moderne generates turnover of 11 million euros per year.

Divided into four departments, its activities include a publishing house, a communication agency specialised in content marketing, a sales agency and a business club.

Maison Moderne’s leading media brands include magazines Paperjam, Delano and Archiduc, the dining and food guide Explorator, as well as Flydoscope, the in-flight magazine published for airline company Luxair, City, the official magazine published by the Ville de Luxembourg, Merkur, the magazine published by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, and hex, the magazine published for the Nordstad.

Maison Moderne is owned entirely by its board of directors, a partnership formed by Mike Koedinger (the company’s founder), Francis Gasparotto, Jean-Michel Gaudron, Guido Kröger, Rudy Lafontaine and Etienne Velasti.

“We have put in place
a governance model 

that guarantees total transparency 
in the decision making process,
which means we can ensure
the sustainability of the company.” 

Mike Koedinger, CEO


All of Maison Moderne’s departments follow the same model of governance, managed by a board of governors and a management committee.