City #3

The March issue of City will appear this Monday, February 29th, and will take us down the alleys of the markets in the capital, including flee markets that reflect an art of living which is becoming more and more popular among the inhabitants of the city and its environs.

The new issue of City will then take you to Dommeldange to discover Bamhaus – a collaborative work platform which opened in 2015 and now already hosts 12 professionals – then to Merl, where the Camões Institute will inaugurate new facilities this month and provide an opportunity to take another look at Portugal and the Portuguese, who account for 13% of the population of the City of Luxembourg.

Finally, you will find all the official information of the City of Luxembourg, as well as upcoming events, shows, and concerts in the “agenda” section.

The March issue of City is available free of charge. Go to


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