Mike Koedinger on 2017 B2B Awards jury

After winning prestigious awards in two consecutive years--a Special Jury Prize in 2015 for overall initiatives led by Maison Moderne for the Grand Duchy’s B2B community and the title Best B2B Media Brand of the Year in 2016 for Paperjam--Mike Koedinger will be part of the jury for the 2017 edition, chaired by Alex Thore (CRM, Branding & Communication Director, Proximus).

Initiated in 2014 by Media Marketing, in collaboration with UPP and BtoB Press, the Business-to-Business Press & Communication Awards has evolved, opening more to all touchpoints and levers of B2B communication. Renamed BtoB Awards, the prize is split into two competitions: Press and Communication.

Restricted to professional publishers, the first will reward the best BtoB media. The second is dedicated to the best BtoB communication campaigns and reserved for advertisers and agencies. In both cases, the awards cover Belgium and Luxembourg.

The gala evening will be held on 24 October 2017.

More information mm.be and btobawards.com.