There’s a whiff of something new in the air. Flydoscope, the in-flight magazine from Luxair airline company, has been rebranded in a new format and is aimed more strongly than ever at a target audience of trendy, active, urban travellers.

Luxair travellers have been enjoying the magazine for over 40 years. From business travellers to European tourists coming to visit the Grand Duchy, not forgetting the many inhabitants of the Greater Region who travel to various destinations around Europe from Luxembourg, a record 1.69 million passengers boarded one of the airline’s aircraft and therefore came into direct contact with the magazine last year alone.

The new format of the magazine, which will continue to be published at a rate of 5 issues a year, now consists of three main parts, the first devoted to national information (news, tourism and culture), the second directly linked to Luxair’s online Travelblog ( and offering an insight into the destinations to which the airline flies, rather like a city guide, and the third part devoted to the latest business news.

French, English
5 editions / year
Hard copies:
1.69 million passengers a year
  • Luxair and LuxairTours passengers
  • Business and political decision makers
  • Outbound residents of Luxembourg and the Greater Region
  • Incoming tourists and business travellers
  • In-flight magazine circulated to over 1.69 million passengers a year
  • 7,500 copies sent personally to economic and political decisionmakers, as well as to frequent flyers
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