Luxair media

The LuxairGroup materials include all LuxairTours brochures, materials displayed on LuxairServices shuttles at Findel airport and various alternative communication materials with which Luxair and LuxairTours passengers come into direct contact before and/or during their journey.

LuxairTours brochures are published in French and German and are read by residents right across the country, as well as those in the Greater Region (France, Germany and Belgium).

With print runs among the largest in Luxembourg, LuxairGroup materials enable businesses to take advantage of a relatively low CPT for mass-market B2C or ultra-targeted B2B (Business Class passengers) campaigns.

The benefits of incorporating LuxairGroup materials into your media plan

  • Exclusive contact with travellers right throughout their “customer” experience: from planning their journey to arriving at their destination and even on their return to Luxembourg airport.

  • Ideal for B2C campaigns aimed at the mass market or even highly targeted campaigns (business class passengers).

  • Ideal for reaching those living in Luxembourg AND the Greater Region (France, Belgium and Germany).

French, German
  • Luxair and LuxairTours passengers.

  • Passengers transiting through Luxembourg airport

  • Travel agency clients

  • Visitors, tourists and business tourists

  • Residents and those living near the border

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