Rudy Lafontaine
Partner - Agency manager

    What is your role at Maison Moderne?

    Managing an agency which is different from others means being involved in a little bit of everything but above all making sure that everyone can work in the best conditions with the best tools, methods and processes. I advise the agency and offer my expertise so that we can provide our customers with the best products and services without worrying about how we will do this.

    What do you like most about your job?

    The variety. I hate monotony so I am very spoilt both in terms of my colleagues and the projects that we work on together.

    What was your dream job when you were a child?

    When I was very young I wanted to be a “footballer and mechanic”. Then I grew up! I stopped playing with cars and footballs. Later on I realised that it’s important to do something that you enjoy. And that’s certainly the case.

    The passion that drives you?

    Spending time with the people I love is very important to me. Shared activities, lively discussions, putting the world to rights. I go on holiday with them, we act together, go walking, go to music festivals… Some of them are work colleagues.

    What would you tell your friends to make them visit Luxembourg?

    We often have a false impression of places that we have never visited abroad. Both the city and the country are a concentration of diversity. You need to spend time here to understand it fully.

    Your favourite restaurant out of the 250 listed in Explorator?

    I very rarely go to restaurants but my favourite ones tend to be Italian. L’Amicale doesn’t have a set menu but a slate menu board with dishes that are always difficult to choose between.