General conditions for access to Paperjam Club events


Effective date: August 14, 2019


The object of these general conditions (the "General Conditions") is to establish the material, legal and financial conditions between MM Publishing and Media Sales SA, established in Luxembourg and with registered office at 10, Rue des Gaulois, L-1618 Luxembourg, registered in the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register under number B95212, represented by its current Board of Directors (hereinafter the "Organiser")


And the participant (as defined in Article 1.6) named and identified in the General Conditions as such, hereinafter the "Participant", the party of the second part,


Concerning access to Paperjam Club events.



Paperjam Club – The service offered by the Organiser to the Member Client.


This service allows access to various events, including, but not limited to, conferences, shows, tastings, lunches, dinners, award ceremonies, speeches, parties, galas, trips or guided tours, organised independently by the Organiser (hereinafter the "Events").

Paperjam Club Member Client - Any legal person, company, association or business that has signed a Paperjam Club membership agreement with the Organiser (hereinafter the "Client").


Member Organisation - The legal person, company, association, business, brand or other organisation, designated as such by the Client. The Member Organisation must have a direct economic relationship with the Client (i.e. group companies, subsidiaries, sister companies, trading names operated by the Client, etc.).

PAR – PAR are persons authorised to register for Events because they are affiliated or belong to the Member Organisation. They are affiliated as a result of being an employee, member of staff or member of management, or guest of the Member Organisation. PAR are subject to restrictions relating to registration for the event, availability and specific conditions of the event (e.g. an exclusive event reserved for holders of specific functions, such as CEOs, HRDs, etc.).

Participants - Participants are PAR who have registered for the event and meet the special conditions of the event.

Paperjam Club events


Participants are required to register for the Events online at or by any other way or means offered or imposed by the Organiser. Registration for Events is subject to availability. The Organiser does not guarantee the systematic availability of Events and cannot be held responsible in the event that there is no more availability for an Event and, as a result, the Participant is no longer able to attend. Registration may also be subject to the payment of an admission fee specific to the Event, regardless of the annual membership fee paid to Paperjam Club.

The Organiser reserves the right to deny Participants access to an Event, or to remove them from an Event, if their comments and behaviour are contrary to legal and regulatory provisions and public decency, or they do not comply with the dress code likely to be imposed for a particular Event. Participants who are denied access to or removed from an Event for these reasons are not eligible for a refund of any costs incurred at the time of registration.

The Organiser reserves the right to deny a Participant access to an Event (in particular, to workshops or training) if he or she is a competitor or represents a major conflict of interest for a trainer.



Comments and behaviour


The Participant agrees to behave appropriately during Events and is prohibited from publishing messages or making any comments that are abusive, defamatory, xenophobic, racist, anti-Semitic, pornographic, revisionist, homophobic, sexist, an incitement to hatred or violence and generally any subject contrary to the law, human values and public decency.

The organisation also reserves the right to remove any Participant, at any time, whose behaviour is not in keeping with the "professional" nature of the Event, at the discretion of the Organiser.

Protection of personal data


Within the context of Events, the Organiser informs Participants that it will collect their personal data for Paperjam Club's operating needs, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, which came into effect on 25 May 2018.


Our Privacy Policy is available here


When the Member Organisation transmits the personal data of one of its employees or a third party, it undertakes to do so in accordance with the applicable laws on data protection, in particular, to inform the participant or third party in question of the processing of his or her data and to provide him or her with this Privacy Policy.




The Participant expressly agrees that photographs or videos may be taken during the Events and that these photographs and videos may be published, free of charge, on the Internet, in the press or on any other medium.

The Participant acknowledges in this respect having read carefully the Organiser's Privacy Policy at the time this Agreement is signed.



The Participant authorises the Organiser to use and reproduce his or her first and last names on all its media.

Settlement of disputes and applicable law


These General Conditions are subject to Luxembourg law.


Any dispute which may arise between the Parties as regards the interpretation, validity or implementation of these General Conditions and subsequent General Conditions will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the District Court of Luxembourg City.


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