Maison Moderne de 1994 à 2017,

our story in 10 steps


The launch of Explorator in 1994 marks the start of the story that later becomes known as Maison Moderne.


The first decade sees a steadily increasing number of media brands: After Explorator, lifestyle titles Nightlife.lu and Nico are launched; Business media follows with Paperjam and Index. This is a period of experimenting and learning. Yet the key elements are in place from the beginning: print, digital and events reserved for our readership.

Beginning of 2004

At the beginning of 2004, Paperjam is revamped with a larger format and increased print run. We are targeting 50,000 readers. Maison Moderne starts its second decade with a staff of 15.


Launch of the contract publishing business: first Flydoscope for Luxair, then City Mag for the City of Luxembourg. Collaborations which continue to this day, 11 years later.


Business is going well. Our international profile is enhanced with the setting up of Colophon 2007, an international colloquium of independent magazines; the international launch of Nico; and plans to expand Paperjam to Switzerland and Belgium.


In the wake of the financial crisis we hold off the international launch of Paperjam, instead choosing to concentrate on developing it in Luxembourg. One after another, three new creations appear: Paperjam Business Club in 2008, Archiduc in 2010 and Delano in 2011. 

At the end of 2010, the Paperjam Top 100 ceremony is the occasion to announce the merger of our three operating companies: our publishing house, our advertising agency and our graphic design studio are now under one roof. Called Maison Moderne the new company reflects more than ever our goals and values as Luxembourg’s leading independent media company. Now 16 years old, our staff count has risen to 49.


Our plans are ambitious as ever and we are preparing Maison Moderne for growth with the introduction of a new governance model, and new board members including additional non-executive directors. We now have 70 employees.


On the occasion of our 20th anniversary we celebrate our achievements with our eyes focused very much on the future. In summer 2014 we set the target of doubling our (2013) turnover and/or result between 2015 and 2019. Our head-count is at 83. 


As 2016 begins, our turnover has grown again and is now exceeding €11 million, even better than planned. We’re seeing external growth too, after taking a holding in the digital agency Nvision.


Our Content Agency’s activities continue to grow, as do staff numbers. With 33 people in that part of the business, it is now one of the largest agencies in its sector. At the same time, the Delano and Paperjam editorial teams are expanded. We have now reached the magic number of 100, and together we are preparing the ground for the Maison Moderne’s future. A “reinvented” future, with changes announced in the company’s top management.

Flip through our anniversary book Happy Inventory, celebrating 20 years as an independent publisher, 20 years of love for quality print and 20 years of passionate encounters.

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