Vision, Mission & Editorial line


  • To offer an independent voice in the Luxembourg media landscape with an inclusive approach, publishing mainly in the first two vehicular languages of the country: French and English.

  • To create and develop strong media brands, the economic success of which guarantees independence.

  • To support Luxembourg and international companies and brands in the creation and/or dissemination of their content to their targets, through our content agency, media and advertising sales.

  • To enliven and inspire the business community through the offering of the largest business club in Luxembourg.

  • To remain committed to the development of Luxembourg in the long term, thereby contributing to societal change and the international standing of the country.  


  • A modern Luxembourg with the first independent media company of the country: challenger today, leader tomorrow.


Editorial line

  • Maison Moderne is an independent publisher with no partisan, political, trade union or religious interests. Committed to the modernisation and improvement of Luxembourg’s international profile, we take a sharp, constructive, and open look at national issues and business life, whilst reflecting on our successes and remaining critical of our mistakes, failures or excesses. Our editorial line is resolutely democratic, European, and economically and socially liberal. It is neither part of the revolution nor of conservation, but rather progress and advancement.