Tell your story and do everything to make sure the world is talking about you.  That’s the purpose of a communications agency, specialised in content marketing.

Vision and positioning

We believe that content is the best way to create value for your brand and promote engagement with your target audience.

  • Our Content Agency is part of the Maison Moderne ecosystem. It is committed to the same values ​​of quality and creativity, draws upon its expertise in the field of media and design in Luxembourg and benefits from a long-standing relationship with the country’s most significant economic players.

  • Our reputation as a communications agency specialising in content marketing has been built on our experience of corporate publishing (the design and production of corporate books, annual reports and so on) and contract publishing (the creation and production of regularly released publications) for historic clients such as the City of Luxembourg or the national airline Luxair.

  • We believe content marketing is a long-term strategy to attract, convert and retain clients. We therefore accompany companies and brands – both from Luxembourg and international – over time in order to define and implement a customised editorial, digital and social media content strategy.

  • We are master storytellers and can help you share your story as well as create value for your brand. Be it emotional, entertaining or practical, your content must be engaging for those whose attention you wish to attract and retain.

  • Just as in the wider Maison Moderne media ecosystem, our expertise lies primarily in B2B communications and reaching top socio-economic targets.

  • Simply put, we are Maison Moderne’s ‘native advertising in-house studio’. In close collaboration with the advertising department, we develop a range of online and offline ‘native’ solutions through different media (advertorials, sponsored news items and so on...). The goal is the perfects integration of your brand content within the editorial pages of our magazines and websites creating a seamless experience for the reader. This gives more credibility to your message and allows for its efficient dissemination to your target audience.



  • Our team of over 30 specialists - strategists, French- and English-speaking storytellers, art directors, photographers, filmmakers and motion designers - also relies on a wide network of contributors (editors, photographers, illustrators) around the world.

  • Digital agency Nvision (in which Maison Moderne holds a significant minority shareholding) is our preferred partner for the implementation of digital and social media strategies for our clients.

  • Since 2013 we are the only Luxembourg member of CUSTO, Belgium’s most important association for content marketing agencies.



Corporate publishing

  • We design and produce company monographs, brochures and annual reports both for stakeholders’ one-off or recurring communication needs and those of any parties involved. These projects implicate the highest level of a company or institution and enable the dissemination of key messages at a strategic moment in a company’s life or trajectory.

Contract publishing

  • We design and produce magazines, newsletters in print or digital format to meet long-term internal or external communication objectives.

Native advertising

  • We develop seamlessly integrated and customised communications solutions to fulfil your ad hoc and one-off communication needs, help position you as an expert in your sector and with your B2B targets and create a lasting relationship between your brand and our AB readership.

  • We help you define your goals and design and produce high-quality articles, interviews, photos, computer graphics, videos and animations to tell your stories and feed your sites, blogs and social networks on the basis of an annual contract.


Our awards

Maison Moderne has received over 50 awards and accolades in the fields of publishing, editorial design, B2B communications and content marketing. Rather than list them all on here, come and see us in Bonnevoie, you won’t be able to miss them.