28 rue Münster


The neimënster MICE cluster wanted a conceptual and editorial revision of its newsletter The Meeting Point, a B2B information bulletin intended to promote the offer of the Conference Centre to professionals, with regard to renting rooms and the organisation of events.

Solution & added value

For neimënster, Maison Moderne has designed 28 rue Münster. A print newsletter, which, through the choice of its name, paper, format, photographic processing and the abundance of images seeks above all to be a catalyst for the emotions.

Certainly, while the objective of the newsletter is to highlight the advantages offered by neimënster in terms of organising an event or a meeting, it is by stirring the emotions that Maison Moderne and neimënster hope to persuade the readers. 


“The newsletter 28 rue Münster mirrors the image of our address: it creates the same emotions as the events organised at l'Abbaye.”

Charles Maes, event manager, head of department


From a distribution standpoint, and in view of the target audience of decision makers, business leaders, communication managers or even human resources managers, Maison Moderne has also provided neimënster with an effective solution: with a print run of 16,000 copies (it was 8,000 before the revamp), the newsletter is distributed to the readership of Paperjam via its Direct Mailing solution.

Twice a year it is blister-packed and benefits from the Paperjam distribution team, with a value transfer of magazine quality.