Charlie Victor, the Cargolux magazine

How to address both customers and employees in the same magazine?

Cargolux, one of the world’s Top 6 airfreight companies, wanted to communicate in order to further boost the trust placed of its customers, demonstrate its competencies, explain the reasons for its success and highlight the day-to-day commitment of its 1,700 employees. The question was: how? By creating a corporate magazine, and thinking of it as a new way of communicating both externally and internally.

When they contacted Maison Moderne in February 2016, Cargolux’s management team already had a clear idea of what they expected. They wanted a multi-annual publication that could reflect the company’s excellence, showcase its many stories and those of its employees, and present the destinations served. An excellent idea that Maison Moderne was to help come true.

From that point on, the name of the game has been strategic and editorial consulting. The intense discussions between our strategists and those in charge of the project at Cargolux led to the creation of Charlie Victor. Charlie Victor – or CV in radio language – is the company’s code name with IATA (the International Air Transport Association), and has now been adopted as the title of its magazine. According to Cargolux, no name could have been more appropriate for the Luxembourgian carrier.

Decision was then taken on both parts that the magazine would be published three times a year, which appeared as the right number to create a rendezvous with the readership. English language provides it with a universal dimension.

Charlie Victor’s aim being to reflect the excellence of Cargolux, form and contents obviously had to be just as excellent: particular attention was thus given to the choice of format, the paper (the central section is printed on a different kind of paper to highlight the qualities of the photos), the selection of visuals, the quality of the texts, design and layout. The result speaks for itself: Charlie Victor was entirely conceived as a magazine set to become a collector’s item.

As regards to contents, the 36 pages of Charlie Victor are used to present the people, the ideas, the aircraft, the processes and the technologies that all go to make Cargolux a leading airfreight company. Each issue will also present one of the destinations served by the company through an insider lens, that of Christiaan Van Heijst, a Cargolux pilot and amateur photographer. His first story takes us to Zhengzhou in China, one of the company’s strategic hubs.


“Cargolux has a reputation as one of the best airfreight companies in the world. Charlie Victor will highlight what makes us so unique. Our employees can be proud of it.”

Moa Sigurdardottir, head of corporate communications at Cargolux


Planned for upcoming issues, an 8-page special HR supplement with strategic messages for was conceived by Maison Moderne. Only included in the copies sent out to Cargolux staff, this supplement will turn the corporate magazine into an efficient instrument for internal communications.


The strengths of Charlie Victor:

  • a magazine with strong aesthetic appeal right from the first issue;
  • a qualitative publication based on close cooperation between Maison Moderne and a Cargolux insider;
  • an effective way of addressing two different target audiences: customers and staff.