Design City Magazine


An ideas laboratory, a platform for experimentation, a promotional tool… the biennal Design City is all of these and more. Produced by Mudam in collaboration with the City of Luxembourg, the biennial Design City features an abundance of events, exhibitions, conferences, business reviews, designers' market, etc.

Mudam wanted to publish the full programme of different events. A project with a limited budget.

Solution & added value

Faced with this request, Maison Moderne provided Mudam with a more qualitative solution: publishing a magazine containing all you could want to know about the biennial Design City, rather than a simple programme.

From that point on, an editorial layer was grafted onto the original project. This meant that Mudam was able to give pride of place to different topics, artists and conferences with each turn of a page. In collaboration with the Mudam staff responsible for the biennial event, Maison Moderne conducted various interviews and wrote a number of articles helping everyone to understand the issues and problems raised by this event.

With regard to the artistic direction, Maison Moderne determined to develop a contemporary visual language, and four different covers were finally selected to express the diversity of the events taking place at Design City. A choice that played on the idea of the collector's item, the limited edition, as a challenge to the disposable culture denounced by the key exhibition of the biennial event, "Never for money, Always for love".


"By adding a pertinent editorial content and developing a specialist graphic concept, the relationship with the medium becomes more interpersonal.
Mudam becomes its own medium, one displaying artistic excellence."

Valerio D’Alimonte, Mudam press and media officer


The cost, higher than the client's original budget, nevertheless proved to be worthwhile, thanks to Maison Moderne, which took on the sale of the advertising space in the magazine, which was not originally planned.

Nominated for the German Design Award in 2015, Design City Magazine was recognised by the jury as Excellent Communications Design and received an award in the Editorial category. At international level, the German Design Award is considered to be one of the highest distinctions in the field of design.