Happy Inventory


On the occasion of its 20th anniversary in 2014, Maison Moderne wanted to assemble in a single book the story of the two decades that have passed since its creation. A book that would provide an opportunity to prepare a complete inventory of its brands and that would reflect its expertise in terms of both the content and the editorial design.

Solution & added value

Maison Moderne wanted to create a genuine collector's item bearing witness to its passion for content and design. A book that the readers of our print media can find in bookshops, and a beautiful gift to distribute to our various partners.

For Happy Inventory, we made a detailed inventory of our publications and the key moments in our history, we interviewed international experts on the future of the media, we had fun creating a quiz with 100 quotations and a photographic portfolio of the best portraits we have published in 20 years.

The result is a 512-page book, well documented, with 2,287 photos and magazine covers, the presentation of our 10 media brands, of our success stories as well as our slip-ups, and 3,143 names of co-workers, partners and clients to thank, one by one. 


"An anniversary is an important moment for an organisation. It is a unique opportunity to communicate its raison d’être and values,
to take stock of its past, and to look into the future. It is also an opportunity to thank its partners, clients
and co-workers from the past and the present."

Mike Koedinger, Founder and CEO of Maison Moderne


In this anniversary book, Maison Moderne also addresses the cultural, economic and political changes over the last 20 years in Luxembourg. The content gives this corporate book an even broader dimension while being intended for as broad an audience as possible.

With a soft cover and a contemporary design, Maison Moderne wanted to produce a book that is "accessible" to as many as possible, with no desire to be elitist. A work that is not read in one go, but is browsed when we feel like it, in the manner of a magazine.


"The ambition and quality of an anniversary book are the reflection of the company."

Mike Koedinger


This "booklet" weighing 2.2 kilograms was presented to all of our guests on the day of the celebration of our 20th anniversary. A souvenir that ensures that the company will occupy a special place in the libraries of our guests.