hex means 6


The Nordstad region wanted to develop a joint communication tool for the 6 communes that it contains. A modern, practical and forward-looking information platform that would enable it to circulate all the news for the towns of Bettendorf, Colmar-Berg, Diekirch, Erpeldange, Ettelbruck and Schieren, as well as to promote the Nordstad region.

Solution & added value

In direct collaboration with representatives of the 6 communes, Maison Moderne developed a comprehensive product strategy for the creation of the official magazine for the Nordstad region.

The development of hex involved several phases. First of all, a phase for the analysis of the communication needs and the potential readership, with important research on the question of frequency, format, paper, binding and volume, and at the same time, the introduction of a sales strategy and the establishment of an efficient editorial workflow.

Next, the design phase conception provided an opportunity to develop a journalistic tone, to focus on branding issues and find a name, to establish an editorial structure and decide on the artistic direction.

The magazine hex – which comes from the Greek "hexa" meaning six – is the result of long upstream strategic discussions. It is now the first joint communication tool for the six communes that comprise the Nordstad.

With 15,000 copies, four times a year, hex is the result of Nordstad's desire to inform its inhabitants and promote the richness of the northern region: we therefore chose to extend its distribution beyond the region, right to the centre of the country.

While the magazine is posted through the letter boxes of the 11,000 homes in Nordstad, 4,000 copies are ready to be distributed to the rest of the country, notably via the Maison Moderne distribution network.

"I am very happy with hex magazine!
Like me, the residents of Nordstad
 have been pleasantly surprised on receiving the first issue and there have been numerous positive reactions.
It is a real case of added value for the 6 communes of Nordstad."

Jean-Paul Schaaf, the mayor of Ettelbruck

As the first magazine dedicated to Nordstad, hex is a new channel of communication for advertisers who want to target the inhabitants of the north of Luxembourg. Maison Moderne brings to Nordstad the expertise of its internal advertising department to manage the marketing of the magazine. A new and pertinent communication medium that, as a national shop window for the companies and shops of Nordstad, contributes to the economic growth of the entire region.