At the end of 2013, the Chamber of Commerce launched a competition for the complete redesign of the Merkur magazine, its principal tool for liaison with its members. It wanted to reinvent the formula of the magazine, which has remained unchanged for more than 10 years, in order to regain the attention of its readers.

Solution & added value

To win the Merkur competition, Maison Moderne undertook a project that was suitably ambitious, involving the task of repositioning and the expansion of a media brand, content strategy, and combined print and digital artistic direction.

Through a close partnership with the editorial team of the Chamber of Commerce, Maison Moderne started from the initial premise of retaining the name of the magazine, while changing the content and its approach to the economic life of the country. With a better layout of the content, a more dynamic editorial style, a contemporary design and a frequency of publication reduced to six issues per year, the new Merkur plays the quality card once and for all.

"For Maison Moderne, it was initially a matter of repositioning a media brand, but the mission provided the opportunity for an in-depth look at the communication vehicle that is Merkur. "

Mike Koedinger, CEO of Maison Moderne

As well as the artistic direction, the layout and the marketing of the magazine by our advertising department, we also provided advice on the strategic positioning of the brand, recommending the Chamber of Commerce to make the name Merkur the spearhead of its communication with the general public. The video channel CC-TV became MerkurTV and the newsletter of the Chamber of Commerce, until then published monthly, now appears every Friday under the name Merkur newsletter, further strengthening the brand.

Distributed to all of the businesses associated with the Chamber of Commerce and to numerous institutions, the bi-monthly Merkur is now an essential theme-based medium in the Luxembourg economic sector.

"With a completely new editorial design and artwork, improved content and a focus firmly on business, the new formula of the Merkur magazine offers its readers every two months an absorbing look at the economy in Luxembourg and internationally and at the men and women who keep the business world running."

Patrick Ernzer, communication and media director of the Chamber of Commerce, and chief editor of Merkur magazine