NOW - The real estate of INOWAI


INOWAI is one of the most influential real estate agencies in Luxembourg. It wanted to create an external communication tool that would help investors make the right decisions concerning real estate in Luxembourg.


Faced with those needs, Maison Moderne developed a content strategy for INOWAI, designing a brand new magazine as part of that strategy.

Given that investing in property, whether through purchase or rental, is first and foremost a rational choice, NOW magazine responds very concretely to the questions that arise concerning real estate investment in a country (Luxembourg) with an enviable growth rate,  and it informs readers about the new opportunities to be considered in this market.

But because a property decision falls into a range of other categories, Inowai’s magazine goes beyond the real estate sector: it talks about the opportunities offered by Brexit, which is reshuffling the cards when it comes to finance in Europe; the tramway, which will redefine the country’s capital in the future; and exposes the benefits of life in Luxembourg, for example.

Added value

In addition to positioning INOWAI as an expert in the real estate sector in Luxembourg, NOW magazine subtly integrates, through its articles, exceptional properties (residential or office property) available for sale through a variety of interviews. Real estate ads in a way take on the appearance of reports, free from advertising codes.

NOW, a magazine which has been well-received within the company, has become a “seduction” tool that employees take with them to client meetings.