City #5

Appearing on Wednesday 27 April, the May issue of City spotlights the Design City Biennal 2016, providing you with details of the whole programme.

In this new issue, City also highlights culture, taking a look at what the City's museums have on offer in the run-up to the 15th Invitation aux Musées, the two days of the year when the country's museums are open free-of-charge.

Last but not least, City takes you behind the scenes of the opération ville propre, the initiative aimed at cleaning up the City. Take a look at what goes on in the City's Hygiene Department to understand how the capital manages to promote itself via its clean streets. 

Moreover, you'll find all the City's official information, as well as – in the Agenda section – news of the many cultural events taking place in May.

The May issue of City is available free of charge at

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