Comité national de défense sociale

Created just 50 years ago, the National Committee for Social Defense (Comité national de défense sociale, or CNDS), a non-profit association, helps the most disadvantaged of Luxembourg. To celebrate its half century, the association wished to produce a publication which it entrusted to Maison Moderne. The conception of the publication came from the photographic work of Ann Sophie Lindström illustrating the daily reality of the non-profit association’s various structures.

I was so impressed by the remarkable work of Ann Sophie Lindström that I thought I had to do something about these photos. Hence the idea of a publication in the form of a portfolio, simple, accessible to everyone and which transmits the humanity of our work and our service users.

Gilles Rod, CNDS director

The result is a poignant, 24-page publication, comprised of three sections: housing, work and support for substance abusers, which correspond to the themes around which the CNDS’ activities are based. Each page is embellished with one or two quotes from service users, gathered by the photographer during her reporting which took place over the course of three months.

The publication was distributed free of charge during CNDS’ anniversary party on 19 May. It is available online and through the association; any donation is welcome. Email or visit




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