Design Friends: 7 highlights of the 7th season to bear in mind

If you had come for the official launch of the 7th Design Friends season on 23 September  at the Rotondes, you would already know that:

1. Design Friends announced 5 events of international scope on typography, urban design, photography and even lingerie;

2. A major exhibition devoted to the visual identity of Luxembourg-based companies and institutions will be held at the Rotondes from July to September 2016;

3. The programme for the season can be perused in the new issue of Dee magazine;

4. After three issues produced by Silvano Vidale (Vidale-Gloesener), co-founder and former president of the association, the art direction of each new issue of Dee will henceforth be entrusted to a different graphic designer who will be given total free rein;

5. Congratulations are in order for Cassandre Bourtembourg, art director at Maison Moderne, who started the ball rolling;

6. Maison Moderne is proud to have been a sponsor of Design Friends from the outset;

7. Design Friends is a cultural association committed to promoting design since 2009 (as you already know, of course, but a little reminder will do no harm).

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