Dirty Work in Progress

The autumn issue of Paperjam1 features the government, dressed up in working clothes. The cover story, Dirty Work in Progress, attempts to show what has been done, not done or done wrong, and what remains to be done in the coalition programme.

Back now after the summer break, Paperjam1 is dressed for work. The magazine portrays the main ministers, living together under the same political roof for the last 20 months, as cleaners at work. Public finances, the "paquet d’avenir" plan for the future, housing policy, education... the editorial team examines work in progress, relating it to the government's stated priorities and listing successes, failures and where things are moving ahead.

The September/October Paperjam1 also talks to Rainer Klump, the Uni's rector, on the occasion of the start of the term on the new Belval campus.

Among other business and political subjects, the magazine looks at what's happening behind the scenes at Statec, takes stock of the tax deals (the so-called "fabrique de rulings") done by the tax authorities, reviews the system of "chèque-service" and uncovers a strange affair, with a trail leading from Astana to Luxembourg via Vienna.

In the "Business" section, Paperjam1 looks at the expanding world of private crèches, the restoration of the Polfermillen district, a decade of Luxtrust, tomorrow's start-ups, the need to polish up brand images uncovered by the Brand Duchy study, the biohealth cluster and its first conquests...

In the "Financial" section, the magazine goes backstage, looking at wealth management and its increasingly exotic trends, the Espirito Santo wreck or what's happening under the tarpaulins enveloping the former Arbed castle...

And of course you'll find the usual September features, especially in the "Désirs" lifestyle section.

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