Fintech will change us

New technologies will – eventually – transform the way financial services are delivered.

For its June cover story, Delano looks at the impact that fintech is having on the financial sector, and how Luxembourg’s industry will adapt. From blockchain to utilities, fund industry technology is taking interesting new twists.

Then, Delano looks at how cycling became the national sport; how to impress venture capitalists; and if there be enough English-language school spaces in the wake of Brexit.

Also in this issue: when starting a family isn’t always simple; #CelebratingLuxembourg with a data centre pioneer; and Delano’s advice columnist Auntie Eleanor digs up info on roadworks.

Delano, the English language news magazine for Luxembourg’s international community, is available for €4 at newsstands across the grand duchy. Delano also publishes a weekly what’s on newsletter, “Ten things to do this week”, on Tuesdays, and a weekly review of Luxembourg news, “Ten things to read this week”, on Fridays.


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