Insurances: new horizons

The September/October issue of Paperjam2, out this Thursday, devotes its main story to the insurance sector, which seems to have emerged relatively unscathed from pressures of an increasingly regulated environment. So much so, that it has attracted new international players.

The insurance sector anticipates a positive development in Luxembourg and the overall picture given in the cover story of the Paperjam2 issue out this Thursday is reassuring. However, Claude Wirion, the newly appointed director of the Insurance Supervisory Authority, also tells about the many regulatory challenges and especially the implementation of the Solvency II directive.

From restrictions to opportunities

Like the rest of the industry, Wirion senses growing restrictions for companies as well as for the regulator, but also sees opportunities to be seized.

The new rules regarding consumer rights open new prospects and there are several signs indicating that new players of international calibre have a keen interest in Luxembourg.

Helped by representatives from locally implanted companies, Paperjam2 pays special attention to life insurance and reinsurers, as Luxembourg is home to many captive insurance companies.


In the regular sections of Paperjam2, readers will find the pages dedicated to investors, labour legislation and company law issues, birthdays of decision-makers and upcoming B2B events. Not forgetting the Paperjam Club’s programme and activities.

And, of course, as usual, this issue contains its share of analysis and interviews with professionals in management, human resources, communication, and technologies…

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