The kids are alright

Teenagers of every generation have come in for a bad rap since the term became popular to describe those years between childhood and adulthood in the 1950s.

Today’s teens suffer from the usual misunderstandings -- they are sullen and indifferent, lack respect and general manners -- as well as a whole host of new aspersions about being addicted to technology. For its June print edition, published Friday, Delano set out to meet youngsters who could refute such clichés and ended up finding eight talented teens who proved to be eloquent and charming, fun and engaging, energetic and optimistic.

Then Delano speaks with two Red Cross interpreters who aid asylum seekers, the new UK and US ambassadors, finalists in a big fintech startup contest, Luxembourg researchers making home-grown discoveries, some people taking the “hell” out of “healthy living”, and the organisers of an annual ecological event.

Also in this issue: the LuxLeaks media circus; how a graphic designer is crafting Luxembourg’s beer museum; and a high school student shares three tips for the in-crowd.

Delano, the English language news magazine for Luxembourg’s international community, is available Friday 27 May for €4 at newsstands across the Grand Duchy.

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