L'odyssée de Schneider

The June issue of Paperjam which will appear on Thursday, 1 June focuses on one of the government’s flagship projects:  exports and the use of space-related resources – a new adventure driven with the help of the private sector that packs as many unknowns as opportunities.

This issue of the magazine also covers in particular the recent vote of the PAG which will structure the urban growth of the capital, as well as the announced death of roaming in Europe.  Paperjam will also feature an interview with Luxempart officials to mark the 25th anniversary of the investment company. 

An anniversary will also be celebrated through the monthly portfolio. Our photographer Mike Zenari spent a night in the nerve centre of Grosbusch which is celebrating its centennial this year.

Your magazine’s monthly supplement is this time dedicated to human resources, with a particular zoom on the employer brand. 

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