Luxembourg Design Awards 2017: great success for Maison Moderne


Nominated 4 times at the Luxembourg Design Awards 2017 with 3 projects in the running, Maison Moderne ended up having great success (with 4 awards, one being a Gold) during the ceremony, organised at neimënster on 1 June:

-1 GOLD for RUNNING in the Photo Design category
-1 jury mention for I’m not a refugee in the Photo Design category
-1 jury mention for DADADA in the Print Design category
- 1 jury mention for I’m not a refugee in the Editorial Design category

Maison Moderne also picked up a fifth prize, but this time as a client, with the series of portraits signed by Anne Mélan for Paperjam magazine in the Illustration category.

Running after awards

RUNNING magazine, already selected “Best Content Design” in Belgium at the recent 2017 Content Cuckoo Awards, was recognised by the jury with a GOLD. The magazine is created with the company NN Investment Partners, one of the main sponsors of the Luxembourg marathon.

For NN Investment Partners, who fully entrusted the magazine to the content agency and followed its recommendations 100%, Maison Moderne rigorously selected, briefed and deployed a team of five photographers (Arthur Ranzy, Sven Becker, Anna Katina, Patricia Pitsch and Jan Hanrion) at the heart of the race to capture the atmosphere and emotions of this exceptional evening. Artistic direction of the magazine was led by Sascha Timplan under the eye of Guido Kröger, studio director and also a running addict.


“This magazine is about runners sharing their experience with other runners. It is also a testimony of an event, whose runners share a common passion and values of perseverance, performance and achieve excellence by defying themselves, to reach this pure moment of joy.”

Amel Marzoug, senior marketing manager
NN Investment Partners Luxembourg


A secret: the 2017 edition of the Luxembourg marathon has just taken place, so the second issue of RUNNING is in the works. More to follow…

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