Maison Moderne dot com

21 September saw Maison Moderne launch its new website. In addition to showcasing its know-how and media brands, the website was conceived and designed to highlight the company's 4 business lines. In addition to presenting its latest news, Maison Moderne now has a clear structure for presenting the activities of its publishing house, its communication agency specialised in content marketing, its advertising department and its business club, Paperjam Club.

Luxembourg's No.1 independent media company is making the most of this launch to further extend its international reach. With the domain name changed to .com, the website is now available in three languages: French, English and German. Strategic choices reflect both the importance attached to content and Maison Moderne's wish to increasingly export its competences within the Greater Region and even further afield. Underlining this new direction, Maison Moderne is now a member of the ACC Belgium network.

Totally responsive, the new website, developed by the Luxembourg agency Nvision, is the result of close collaboration between the two companies, with Maison Moderne and NVision benefiting from skill synergies at all levels – from the initial design to the writing, from development to creative direction.


“Our respective teams
worked together right from the start,
with each team inspiring the other.”

Mike Sergonne, Nvision CEO


The creative direction, in the able hands of Maison Moderne's creative director Jeremy Leslie, evolved over the course of the project, in line with Maison Moderne's recently unveiled new identity. An identity that has traded in its traditional black for a deep red.


“Red is the new black.”

Jeremy Leslie, creative director at Maison Moderne


There is also news for purchasers, with now offering personalised access to Media Sales customers. Once they have logged on, companies and media planning agencies will have access to specific information such as the Maison Moderne Media Sales price list and, every now and then, special offers. also features portraits of the company's 86 current employees. 86 people who love working for the company and who give you an insight into their work. Who knows? Maybe you'll be one of them some day. Check out our Recruitment section.


“Everything important to us is featured on the website.
Our talents. And the result of our talents’ work.”

Mike Koedinger, CEO at Maison Moderne



Website developed by Nvision in collaboration with Maison Moderne


Mike Sergonne /  Nvision
Mike Koedinger / Maison Moderne
Guido Kröger / Maison Moderne
Oswald Schröder / Maison Moderne

Creative direction: Jeremy Leslie / Maison Moderne

Texts: Jerôme Rudoni / Maison Moderne

Group portraits: Eric Chenal

Photos: Jan Hanrion / Maison Moderne

Project leaders:
Laetitia Weber / Nvision
Brice Houdard / Nvision