Maison Moderne gains a Gold Cuckoo Award

At the Cuckoo Awards ceremony on Thursday 26 May 2016 in Willebroak in Belgium, Maison Moderne was presented with a Gold Content Cuckoo Award in the “Best Content Design” category for its book Seems Impossible. Let’s do it!, which celebrates the 20th anniversary of the film production company Tarantula Luxembourg. Appearing in December 2015, the 160-page book traces the company's film-making milestones over the last 20 years and gives us the opportunity to meet up with its team of enthusiastic employees.

A new category introduced this year on the initiative of Custo, the Belgian association of content marketing agencies, and bdma, its direct marketing counterpart and organiser of the ceremony, the Content Cuckoo Award aims to “reward excellence in the booming field of content marketing”. For more than 10 years the Cuckoo Awards have been commending the year’s best Belgian direct marketing campaigns with regard to both creativity and effectiveness. 


Seems Impossible. Let's do it!, 160 pages, 30 euros 



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