Mr Disruption

The cover story of the May issue of Paperjam, published Thursday, 27 April 2017, is devoted to digital transformation through the expertise of “Mr Disruption” himself: Emmanuel Vivier. The co-founder of the Hub Institute in Paris and co-author (with Vincent Ducrey) of the book Le guide de la transformation digitale gives an interview in Paperjam, providing a good deal of advice and his pragmatic approach.

Also in this issue: an in-depth interview with Tom Wirion and Roland Kuhn, Director and President of the Chambre des métiers, as part of the launch of the Prix de l’innovation dans l’artisanat (prize for innovation in the crafts trade); a review of Luxembourg’s major banks; a piece on the communal electoral campaign which has already started in many areas; a dive into the mysteries of the Luxembourg media subsidised or not by the state; and an immersion into the daily life of Deputy Prime Minister Étienne Schneider.

This month, the Paperjam supplement is dedicated to investment funds.




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