Plurimedia 2016: Maison Moderne makes further progress

The eagerly awaited second wave of the TNS Ilres Plurimédia Luxembourg survey has just been published. Maison Moderne publications again came out on top, in a context of a marked drop in printed press readership. Paperjam and City did particularly well.

+10% for Paperjam

Compared to the 2014–2015 survey, Paperjam saw its readership increase by almost 10%, last month reaching 50,850 resident readers aged 15 or older (i.e. a rise of 4,350 readers), a figure representing 10.4% of the resident population. Launched in December 2015, the new layout of the magazine has thus been well received by the market.

Taking conservative account of the fact that the Paperjam magazine is also read by 25% of cross-border workers, each issue is thus read by nearly 68,000 people.

As for the number of one-off readers over a 3-month period, here the figure is 74,350 Luxembourg residents, or 108,000 residents and cross-border workers according to our estimates.


“Paperjam is again one of the big winners in the survey.”

Mike Koedinger, Maison Moderne founder and CEO


At the same time, the website has stabilised its readership, with nearly 13,000 residents viewing it every day. It should also be noted that according to our indicators, some 31,500 pages are viewed on average each working day, although the twice-daily newsletter has fewer than 26,000 subscribers.

Paperjam is again one of the survey’s big winners, with an absolute increase in its readership over the last period of almost 8%,” commented Mike Koedinger, Maison Moderne founder and CEO, expressing his satisfaction with the result. “Continuing to develop, Paperjam is becoming an indispensable source of business information, not just every month, but also every day via its website. We are making great progress in this direction, making Paperjam the country’s most important business and financial publication.”

+17% for City

Satisfaction is also expressed with regard to City, the capital’s info magazine co-edited with the City of Luxembourg, which has seen an almost 17% rise in its readership for the latest period – 44,300 resident readers at the end of the 2nd wave of the survey (March – June). Here again, the new layout launched in January 2016 seems to be attracting readers, again not counting its many cross-border readers and all the tourists and business visitors staying in the capital.

Flydoscope benefits from increased passenger volumes

Flydoscope readership remains stable, with 74,350 one-off readers over three issues (and 39,500 readers per issue) among Luxembourg residents. Luxair’s on-board magazine is obviously benefiting from increased passenger volumes (up 8% to 1.8 million passengers in 2015), without this reflected that much in national readership figures. The increase is more due to cross-border readers, but also to Greater Region residents flying with Luxembourg’s national airline and to travellers heading for the Grand Duchy.



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