Photography and rights
Encouraging original creation

Since our beginnings in 1994, original photography has always played a strategic role for Maison Moderne, now publisher of Delano and Paperjam.

We have unearthed many photographic talents, but also worked with established photographers in Luxembourg, Europe and elsewhere in the world.

Photography can be an artistic expression, but also journalism and in the best case both at the same time.

Our approach has always been to favor original creation, to work with photographers and to resort to archive photos, image bank photos or even photos made available only in exceptions, notably linked to deadlines.

This choice allows the publications of the independent publisher to distinguish themselves by quality and originality. It is also an investment and a way to differentiate from other publications. And to develop a visual language that is specific to the universe of our media brands.

We have chosen to reserve these photographs for our readers and not to have them published elsewhere.

The photographers who work for Maison Moderne, as employed journalists or freelancers, assign the economic rights to all the series produced for us. The photographs are therefore our exclusive property(Read the "law of April 18, 2001 on copyright, neighboring rights and databases" here: )

The right to the image
By agreeing to pose for Maison Moderne, you implicitly give us your image rights. That is to say that you give us the right to publish your portrait in our publications, that is to say in an editorial context.

The license of use and reproduction rights
In some exceptional cases, Maison Moderne grants a limited license to use the work in different ways. A license always limits the use: in time (limited duration), territory (country) and typology (book, annual report, website, strictly private use, ...).

The re-publication of the photograph must always be accompanied by the mention: Photo: First name and name of the photographer for Delano and / or Paperjam / ©Maison Moderne.

Under no circumstances may a photograph taken for Maison Moderne be published in other national or international press publications.

Apply for a license to use the images
Please send your request to and specify the following:
- Source of the photo (either the name of the magazine, the edition and page number; or the URL)
- Description of the unique use of the photograph(excluding press use):
        o Medium (annual report, website, ...), please specify:
        o Period: 12 months from the date of the invoice
        o Territory: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
- Your contact details (company name, full address, responsible contact person and his personal e-mail)- For a single publication (website, social networks, annual report) the price is 150 € excl. VAT, the photo is sent after receipt of payment.

Order an artist's print
You can also order an artist's print, either for a strictly private use, or for a hanging in your company.

These prints (with framing) are made here: To order it, please send a message to specifying the format and the type of printing chosen. The price corresponds to Whitewall's printing costs plus €100 (excl. VAT) for copyright and administration costs. The purchase of a print does not include the reproduction rights, so it is not possible for you to distribute this work or have it reproduced, which would be a violation of the copyright law.

Photography and social media
If you wish to share your portrait on social media without acquiring a license, you may photograph the magazine and reproduce the photograph in its publication context (in its layout, full page or excerpt) and mention the name of the publication (Delano, Paperjam), the publisher (Maison Moderne) and of course the photographer. We encourage you to tag the publication, the publisher and the photographer to allow a link to these sources.

Translated from original text in french, which is the only legal reference.
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