Pure player has been archiving all Luxembourgish advertising campaigns and showcasing the agencies behind them since 2010.

Having become the benchmark media tool for the country’s creative community, as well as for marketers – on the advertisers’ side – and ‘com’ students throughout the Greater Region, adada conveys the latest news from Luxembourg’s communications, advertising and media industries on a daily basis. 

What you need to know:

  • A benchmark for the communications industry in Luxembourg.

  • An average of 15,000 pages viewed every month.

  • ododo, the newsletter that arrives late in the evening, sent out on the last Sunday of every month at around 10p.m.


The benefits of incorporating adada into your media plan:

  • Ultra-targeted distribution for job offers from agencies or from the advertiser.

  • If you are a media player: ideal for reaching media planners who will make your materials accessible to their clients.

  • If you are an agency, a freelance (photographer, illustrator or designer), or a service provider (printer, video producer, etc.): a vital platform for showcasing your services/references.

  • Reaching a community of millennials: early adopters and digital natives who are very active on social networks.

  • All players operating in the communications sector in Luxembourg (agencies, advertisers, the media, suppliers, etc.)

  • Freelancers (photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, etc.) in the Greater Region

  • Those with an interest in advertising, and communications students from the Greater Region

  • 12 ododo newsletters a year

  • An average of 15,000 pages viewed every month (1.3 million pages viewed since it was created).

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