Copy Paste - How advertising recycles ideas

Please don’t copy this. This is the warning given by Joe la Pompe in his new book, Copy Paste, which will be available in book shops in September.

Books about advertising are supposed to be a source of inspiration; yet here is one that takes the opposite tack. Not because the 572 ad campaigns compiled here are bad, au contraire: many have been presented at major festivals and some have even won awards. What’s really at stake here, is the matter of true originality: many of these not so creative efforts are actual reproductions. Whether they have been deliberately plagiarised or are the result of unlucky coincidence, is open to interpretation. Feel free to judge for yourself.

Copy Paste’s aim is to be interactive. Some #hashtags appear all along the book and are directly related to the website
They enable readers to take a real stand by giving their opinion online.

For nearly 20 years, Joe la Pompe has pursued his passion for uncovering identical adverts. Working incognito, he is now the world’s best known “copycat hunter”. Advertisers from around the world love his revelations and loyally follow the French blogger. Until he catches them, that is.

Copy Paste, his third book, campaigns for more creativity. You will have to read it at least twice.

Bilingual French-English
228 pages
Format: 24x30 cm
ISBN 978-3-89955-690-2