I'm not a refugee.

Launched in May 2016, iamnotarefugee.lu is a digital platform, an awareness-raising media campaign and a citizen initiative that combines storytelling, journalistic research and interviews (Frédérique Buck), photography (Sven Becker and Mike Zenari) and design.

I’m not a refugee intends to

- re-humanize the discussions about “refugees”;

- allow refugees to speak for themselves;

- fight the growing populism, fears, stereotypes and prejudices;

- connect residents and refugees.

To counter the rather stereotyped and even biased representation of refugees in the mass media, I wanted to present a different way of looking at the subject. It seemed important to me to find a different perspective, to create a different, fairer and more human narrative. I wanted a story that would show that the fears and prejudices that exist were unjustified. At the same time, I wanted to give refugees a face, to re-humanize them. I wanted to do away with their anonymity by giving them a face and voice. Quite simply, to make them exist. Their stories are raw, true and complex – like them, like all of us.

Frédérique Buck

Give refugees a voice: empowerment! The campaign offers refugees the chance to speak for themselves, something they generally cruelly lack. This is their first step towards self-sufficiency. They are thus able to tell their story, break the silence.

Prefaced by Jean Asselborn, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and by François Gemenne, a political analyst, sociologist and international migration specialist, the publication I’m not a refugee brings together twenty portraits of refugees who have found a welcome in Luxembourg. The book presents us with the infancy, life, development, challenges and dreams experienced by Halid, Haidar, Hind, Wafaa, Yazan, Anna, Modi, Mellot, Nour, Hadi, Mario, Hamoda, Ahmed, Aws, Firas, Mahmoud, Mellot and Husain. We enter into their lives.

The following project is not only attractive, it has become a necessity in our society. Looking into the eyes of a person provides new angles for reflexion.

Jean Asselborn, Minister of Foreign Affairs

This book opens a path and allows that essential barrier to fall, showing us that refugees are not different from us but a part of ourselves.

François Gemenne

Profits from the sale of this book will be used for the conception and creation of projects for social inclusion.

192 pages
Format: 24x30 cm
ISBN 978-99959-33-22-7