Joe La Pompe

We knew him as the masked avenger, pursuing and denouncing copy-cats, plagiarists and anyone who has borrowed or stolen to create advertisements.

Joe La Pompe returns. If he has not removed his cowl, he has changed his weapon of choice. This relentless collector has selected 100 visual ideas and recurring subjects in the world of advertising. Symbols, great names from history or fiction, themes, objects – he has chosen the best 10 campaigns that have exploited each of the themes.

The result is some 1,000 advertisements from around the world that Joe La Pompe has selected from among hundreds of thousands; a selection that reflects his taste and preferences in international creativity from the last few years. Listed among the most influential bloggers about advertising in the world, here he is not aiming to denounce, but to compare, admire and inspire.

Creatives and advertising pros of all stripes will find here a rich mine of images which will motivate them to go further. It is a reference publication which will fast become indispensable to anyone working in advertising as well as to students, advertisers themselves and the merely curious.

Video link: Joe La Pompe | 100 visual ideas, 1000 great ads

French, English
230 x 300 mm, Hardcover
228 pages
39,90 €  Sold out

ISBN 978-99959-33-00-5