Luxembourg Collecting

This book is a collection of collections. It compiles 50 of the most breathtaking private collections in Luxembourg, many of which are unparalleled in the entire world.

Not only will you read about old dentist drills operated by foot pedal, noisy slide rules and historical bedpans but also discover Jimmy Hendrix’ most luxembourgish guitar, the burn marks in the Jag of the Grand Duchess and the very own charm of a stuffed hyena.

Through Luxembourg Collecting’s rare portraits, Hans Fellner also pays a riveting tribute to the Grand Duchy's collectors, beautifully staged by photographer Andrés Lejona.

Hans Fellner, Andrés Lejona

Luxembourg Collecting is available in German and French.
Dimensions: 230 x 300 mm
214 pages
49 €

ISBN 978-99959-33-06-7