Tarantula - Seems impossible. Let's do it!

The Tarantula story is reflected in the feature films it has produced over the last two decades. On the occasion of the production company's 20th anniversary, Donato Rotunno, its CEO- director-producer wanted to retrace the company's history and share it with as many people as possible. His chosen medium is a book titled Seems impossible. Let’s do it! 

In the 160-page anniversary book, produced in collaboration with Maison Moderne, Tarantula lets readers relive the major events in the life of a "small" independent and highly-motivated Luxembourg film production outfit. From Terra Mia to Secret of Wars, via Nue propriété and Mobil Home, the book recalls the feature films, short films and documentaries made by the independent production company, and takes us backstage to look at the some of the most memorable scenes from those films.

Chapter by chapter, we also look at the people behind this success. Highly-motivated team members open their office doors, sharing with us their memories of past festivals, from Cannes to Berlin via Venice and Locarno.

The anniversary book provides Tarantula and its founder a great platform for free expression. It not only highlights the company's culture, but also conveys its messages and – via a series of conversations – makes a statement about the future of film-making in Luxembourg

160 pages
ISBN  978-99959-33-17-3