Paperjam Club - 10x6

10 speakers, 6 minutes for each speaker

This 10x6 events provide 10 different views on a specific issue, with each speaker using the limited speaking time to share their experience and vision of the subject at hand.

Each speech is an occasion to inspire those present.

A 10x6 event is a unique opportunity to meet professionals interested in the subject under discussion. Enjoy a welcome cocktail, and then a walking & networking dinner to meet more people, swap experiences and debate with them. Put in a nutshell, each 10x6 event is a key monthly date for the Luxembourg business community.

A new à la carte package for sponsoring the 10x6 series

The Paperjam Club is aiming to offer its advertisers as much flexibility as possible with the launch of a new “à la carte” sponsorship package for communications at the 10x6 evenings. This means that you will now have the option of putting together your own custom sponsorship solution to perfectly reflect your needs.

Maison Moderne Media Sales is responsible for marketing the Paperjam Club events.
To sponsor a 10x6 or any other Club event, please contact Media Sales.

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