Archiduc is Luxembourg’s leading architectural magazine, published twice a year in conjunction with the LUCA.

With a circulation of 7,500 copies, this high-end magazine highlights the latest news from the national architectural sphere and takes readers to the crux of the country’s major construction projects.

What you need to know:

  • The scarcity and quality of the magazine make each issue a collector’s edition.

  • A high-end editorial context that has a positive impact on advertisers. 

  • Exclusive premium spaces: inside cover, for a high degree of visibility and an improved memorisation rate.

  • Two key events to sponsor: the 10x6 Architecture series (24.10.17 and 25.04.18), jointly organised by Archiduc and the Paperjam Club, will bring together professionals from across the sector. 

The benefits of incorporating Archiduc into your media plan:

  • A primarily B2B target – consisting of architects, developers and investors, as well as economic, institutional and political decision-makers.

  • Targeting individuals with high incomes who are in the process of purchasing or renovating properties.

Twice / year
Hard copies:
20,000 readers
  • B2B: architects, engineers, promoters and investors, professionals operating in the construction, arts & crafts and commercial sectors, economic, institutional and political decisionmakers, and public and private contracting authorities

  • B2C: individuals with an interest in architecture, design, furniture and decoration, (future) contractingauthorities and family investors

  • Personal distribution to LUCA members

  • Targeted personal distribution to decision-makers and heads of companies

  • Distribution across a selective network of partner businesses

  • Sale on newsstands


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