The magazine published by the City of Luxembourg is distributed free of charge every month directly to the mailboxes of all of those living in the capital.

With a circulation of 76,000 copies, City conveys the latest official information from the City, along with local and cultural news, as well as providing recommendations for places to eat, shop and visit and other practical information for the public.

City is written in French and English and reaches all consumers in the capital, including residents, those who work there and the many visitors the city attracts (foreign tourists, those living near the border, business travellers and residents of the Grand Duchy).

What you need to know:

  • Distributed in all mailboxes in the City of Luxembourg region.

  • Nearly 70 self-service display stands positioned in strategic high-traffic locations (cultural institutions, municipal councils, major employers and a network of stores, hotels and restaurants).

  • 76,000 copies = 52,000 sent to the City’s inhabitants, 12,000 across the distribution network and 12,000 sent to subscribers outside of Luxembourg.

The benefits of incorporating City into your media plan

  • A low CPM thanks to its large circulation: CPM = €54.60.

  • High rate of reference use right throughout the month thanks to its comprehensive cultural diary.

  • Nearly 20% of the entire population of the Grand Duchy lives in Luxembourg (114,090 inhabitants as of 01/01/2017, 71% of whom are foreigners).

  • 65.7% of readers belong to high and superior social-professional categories.

French, English
Hard copies:
  • Residents of Luxembourg City and new arrivals.

  • Luxembourg residents and members of the international community.

  • Users of the city: working professionals, those living near the border, tourists and business tourists.

  • Cultural audience with a high level of education.

  • 52,000 copies distributed to all mailboxes in Luxembourg.

  • 12,000 copies sent to subscribers in the country (outside Luxembourg City).

  • 12,000 copies distributed across the cultural, administrative and tourist departments of the City of Luxembourg council and across a network of stores, hotels, restaurants and businesses (70 City display stands will be installed by the end of 2017).

  • Circulation at cultural events and markets.

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