Flydoscope is the onboard magazine of Luxair airline company.

The magazine is read by the 1.84 million passengers the airline carries every year – a primarily urban, working, trendy target made up of business travellers, foreign tourists and holiday-makers from the Greater Region with strong buying power.

Flydoscope is published five times a year, covering national issues (news, tourism, culture, etc.), offering recommendations for places to visit in the European cities that the airline serves and featuring a whole section devoted to business news, all printed in both French and English.

What you need to know:

  • Luxair carried nearly 1.84 million passengers in 2016. This figure is perhaps more relevant than the number of copies circulated since all of these travellers come into direct contact with Flydoscope

  • Flydoscope has been accompanying travellers on their journeys for over 42 years and is a well-known media brand for which Luxair customers have developed a certain fondness.

  • As well as being circulated on its aircraft, 7,500 copies are sent personally to economic and political decision-makers, as well as frequent flyers.


The benefits of incorporating Flydoscope into your media plan:

  • The first, and sometimes only, Luxembourgish publication with which inbound passengers come into contact. 

  • An extremely captive readership. Passengers get to enjoy a rare moment of relaxation without the connectivity of life on the ground. 

  • A readership with strong buying power: 70% of readers belong to high and superior social-professional categories.

French, English
5 issues a year
Hard copies:
  • Luxair and LuxairTours passengers.

  • Economical and political decision-makers.

  • Residents of Luxembourg and the Greater Region flying out of Luxembourg.

  • Tourists and business travellers flying into Luxembourg.

  • In-flight magazine circulated to over 1.84 million passengers a year.

  • 7,500 copies sent personally to economic and political decision-makers, as well as to frequent flyers.

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