As the magazine published by the Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Consumer Protection, GUDD! aims to raise awareness among the general public of issues relating to food safety, nutrition and sustainable consumption. It also aims to improve the recognition of Luxembourg’s agricultural production.

With a circulation of 245,000 copies, it is the first magazine to be distributed at national level across Luxembourg and is distributed to all mailboxes, meaning that it reaches all households across the country, twice a year.

What you need to know:

  • 245,000 copies distributed in all domestic mailboxes (including “Keng Reklammen” mailboxes).

  • Published twice a year, in March and October.

  • Mainstream: matters that concern us all.

  • Kiki Ricki: a fun, educational section aimed at children.

The benefits of incorporating GUDD! into your media plan:

  • Reach ‘consumers’ of all ages, social categories and nationalities.

  • A record CPM of €20.83!

  • Advertising limited to 10 pages in each edition, giving advertisers an exclusive dimension.

French. Children’s book and summaries in German.
Twice yearly
Hard copies:
245.000 copies (national distribution)
  • The general public

  • Teachers and children

  • The agricultural sector

  • All mailboxes, national circulation

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