Happy Inventory book

No, a book marking an anniversary is not necessarily something you would gift someone celebrating their own birthday. But a book celebrating the anniversary of a successful company is an excellent way to trace its story, and that of the country in which it has flourished.

An anniversary book marking 20 years of Maison Moderne, now the leading independent publisher in Luxembourg, is a dream opportunity to showcase the company’s know-how and detail the inventory of its brands and publications.

An anniversary book celebrating 20 years as an independent publisher, 20 years of love for quality print and 20 years of passionate encounters; that’s what makes for Happy Inventory, a work consisting of 512 pages, 2,287 photos and magazine covers, 10 brands, a 100 quotes quiz, and a thank you list of 3,143 contributors, partners and clients.

So, yes, you can gladly gift this book to a fan of media, a lover of the Grand Duchy or someone who is simply intrigued by the history of the Bonnevoie neighbourhood, the fiefdom of Maison Moderne. But before you do that, think twice. It would be a shame not to keep a copy for yourself.

230 x 280 mm, Hardcover
512 pages
45 €

ISBN 978-99959-33-10-4