LCTO publications

The LCTO – Luxembourg City Tourist Office – publishes various guides, brochures and tourist maps aimed at visitors to the capital every year.

Between residents, those living near the border and foreign tourists visiting for business or leisure purposes, more than half a million people come through the doors of the LCTO every year and have some form of contact with its various publications. 

What you need to know:

  • International target: guides, brochures and tourist maps are published in lots of different languages.

  • Distribution in high-traffic tourist areas throughout the country.

  • High level of exposure among professionals in the tourism industry at specialist trade shows in the Greater Region, Europe and Asia.

The benefits of incorporating LCTO publications into your media plan:

  • A captive target audience in an immediate position to buy.

  • Very large circulation: up to 600,000 copies for the panoramic map.

  • Over half a million visitors to the capital every year, including residents, those living near the border and foreign tourists.

  • Positive association between your brand’s image and that of the City of Luxembourg.

French, English, German, Deutsch, Italian, Spanish
Hard copies:
Up to 600,000 copies
  • Tourists, those living near the border, foreign and Luxembourg residents and new arrivals

  • Tourism professionals

  • Businessmen and women passing through Luxembourg

  • Luxembourg City Tourist Office, cultural venues and a selection of businesses in Luxembourg

  • Foreign trade fairs and shows at which Luxembourg is represented

  • Automatic distribution to tour operators, foreign travel agencies and international companies/institutions

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