Lëtzebuerg Moderne

Lëtzebuerg Moderne takes you on a journey through the streets of Luxembourg and travels back in time to make you discover the capital’s architecture in ways you have never seen before.

A true declaration of love to the city, this book has been compiled by its greatest admirers, offering a new view on past and existing architecture thus allowing for a deeper understanding of the city’s evolution.

The photographs by Christian Aschman that have been commissioned for the occasion are completed by pictures from the archives of Luxembourg City’s photograph collection.

The lively and evocative texts by city historian Robert L. Philippart allow you to dive into the heart of the city’s evolution, looking back at the capital’s shops, workplaces and private houses. The goal is to unveil an architecture gradually leaving classicism behind to fully open up to the new style of modernism.

Christian Aschman, Joanna Grodecki, Robert L. Philippart

Available only in German - French (Sold out)
Dimensions: 230 x 300 mm
Env. 360 pages
59 €

ISBN 978-99959-33-07-4