Monthly publication Paperjam, created in the year 2000, is now Luxembourg’s leading economic & financial publication, having established a great reputation among the country’s political and economic decision-makers.

Boasting some 66,000 readers per issue, Paperjam is reinventing itself in September 2017 with a brand new format under the leadership of editorial director Sven Ehmann, from Berlin, and creative director Jeremy Leslie, from London, both eminent figures in the magazine world.

As the country’s leading business publication, its readership consists primarily of directors and executives from influential companies – decision-makers in both the personal and professional spheres

What you need to know:

  • Brand new format launched in September 2017.

  • A premium, reliable, influential and independent medium.

  • 10 issues per year + 13 themed supplements.

  • 111,000 individual readers over 3 issues (residents and those living close to the border).

  • A magazine that lies at the heart of Europe’s powerful and unique media ecosystem.

  • Paperjam advertorial: tailored native advertising solutions. 

  • Prima Posta in each sphere – Business, Finance, Politics and Economics.

The benefits of incorporating Paperjam into your media plan:

  • Over 10% of the population come into contact with Paperjam (no other economic & financial publication in Europe has such a high penetration rate).

  • 77.2% of readers belong to high and superior social-professional categories.

  • A high-quality editorial context that attracts the reader’s attention: portrayal of image that is favourable to brands + extended reading time + high rate of reference use = prolonged period of exposure to advertising.

  • Personally sent to 14,000 subscribers living in Luxembourg and close to the border.

  • B2B and B2C targets: readers = decision-makers from both the personal and professional spheres.

Hard copies:
66,000 readers
  • Business and political decision makers in Luxembourg and the Greater Region

  • Opinion leaders and influencers

  • Senior and middle managers

  • Mainly graduates

  • Locals and foreign expats

  • Residents and cross-border workers

  • Mailed to 14,000 business and political decision makers, mainly in Luxembourg

  • Businesses, institutions and the more than 900 corporate members of the Paperjam Club

  • Newsagents and bookstores

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