Merkur magazine is automatically distributed to all businesses belonging to the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.

It is sent out every other month to 34,000 managers in the commercial, industrial, banking, insurance, transport and hospitality sectors, as well as other institutional decision-makers both in Luxembourg and worldwide. 

Merkur serves as a news channel and a developmental facilitator for entrepreneurs. It brings its readers the latest news from local SMEs and covers a major current economic issue in each edition.

What you need to know:

  • The official magazine of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.

  • Circulation is increasing and currently stands at around 34,000 copies: the number of companies is increasing and with it the number of Merkur subscribers.

  • With the exception of the arts & crafts and agricultural sectors, businesses in all economic sectors have to be registered with the Chamber of Commerce.

  • More articles in English. The predominance of articles in French is decreasing in favour of a perfect balance between the two languages. 

The benefits of incorporating Merkur into your media plan:

  • An essential medium for reaching decision-makers in very small businesses and SMEs/SMIs in Luxembourg.

  • 73.6% of the readership is made up of self-employed individuals, liberal professionals, middle managers and senior executives, VIPs and institutional players such as ambassadors and deputies. 

  • In addition to the magazine, the weekly Merkur newsletter is sent out every Friday to over 8,000 company executives and managers. 

French, English, German
Hard copies:
  • Heads of companies, directors and executives in the various sectors of activity represented by the Chamber of Commerce, including trade and commerce, heavy industry, SMEs and SMIs, banking, insurance, transport, hospitality and catering, and gastronomy.

  • Distributed to over 30,000 companies belonging to the Chamber of Commerce.

  • Around 4,000 copies sent out to various authorities, organisations, institutions, Luxembourger and international figures and private subscribers.

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