Corporate culture

Did you know that the sturdiest chair is a three-legged one? As three fundamental pillars of our media business, our values stabilise who we are and what we do.


As an independent publisher, Maison Moderne cares first and foremost about its readers, then about advertisers. In no case do we serve other interests, whether they be those of political parties, unions or denominations. We care about this independence. It clearly defines our editorial line. We are business-friendly, but we also know how to look critically at what’s happening in Luxembourg. Through our publications, we hope to “advance” Luxembourg, contributing over the long-term to societal change, modernisation of the country, as well as its international standing.


On a daily basis, we commit ourselves to respecting the requirements of flawless journalism. We are committed to achieving the highest quality standards in the areas of design and production, constantly innovating to further elevate and redefine them. We always want to be proud of our work. Quality is our priority. It should be reflected in all that we develop and produce for our clients.

The professionalism of our employees guarantees this quality. They are the ones who make Maison Moderne so exceptional. We are fortunate to have amongst our teams many of the best talents in their respective fields.


Creativity is intelligence having fun,” Einstein once said. It’s no surprise, then, that we have a lot of fun. New ideas and constant innovation characterise our work. And don’t think this ability to “invent” is limited to our designers: at Maison Moderne, creativity applies to everyone, everywhere at all levels. In our approach to design, we are creative. In our way of optimising production, we are creative. In our business strategy, we are creative. In managing our events, we are creative. Corporate culture