Life at Maison Moderne

Transparency with employees

At Maison Moderne, a clear governance model guarantees the greatest transparency in decision-making with regards to all employees. During two annual events, the Summer and Winter Break, all employees gather during an afternoon to discuss strategy, priorities and the advancement of major projects. These internal events are also social occasions which allow our teams to better get to know each other, given that the company has offices both in Luxembourg-Bonnevoie and Leudelange.

The vibrant world of media

Working in press and communication is gratifying, especially since the results are tangible. In print alone, we publish around one hundred publications per year: our own magazines, plus magazines and books for our clients. Even more gratifying, our projects are often rewarded at the national level, but also especially at the international level. This reinforces the spirit of Maison Moderne, which is characterised by its demand for quality work and its ambition marked by the desire to surpass itself on a daily basis.

Openness and multicultural

Thirteen nationalities work side by side at the offices of Maison Moderne. While French, English and German are the languages most used internally, it is not uncommon to catch conversations in Luxembourgish, Portuguese or Italian in the corridors. From all walks of life, our employees share the same attitude, openness, tolerance and respect for every individual. Demanding in terms of quality and results, the atmosphere is informal  

Integration and support

Each and every new colleague is honoured upon arrival. A personalised welcome, an office tour and a pathway to integration are prepared for understanding how our company operates, encouraging meeting others and effectively engage with us on our adventure together.

Doing more for our employees’ well-being

In both Bonnevoie and Leudelange, our teams benefit from pleasant working spaces designed by Luxembourg architects with office furniture designed in Luxembourg. Our two sites have fully equipped kitchens for dining. Each week, fresh fruit is delivered. The Bonnevoie offices also have an outdoor terrace available on sunny days. Throughout the year, we encourage our employees to participate in sports by offering access to a swimming pool and a gym, and by suggesting group running sessions.

Finding fulfilment at Maison Moderne

Convinced that we learn daily, Maison Moderne participates evolution of its talented employees by giving them the opportunity to submit their ideas and realise them. In order for everyone to exchange and sound out their ideas with colleagues, regular thematic lunch breaks are organised. We want our employees to develop their expertise and flourish: a clear training plan enables them to progress and continue to write the history of our company. As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our organisation, we regularly invite our employees to participate in internal surveys, as well as providing them the opportunity to share a drink during our monthly after-work events.