Sarah Macri
Managing Editor Paperjam Guide & Data Operations Manager

    What is your role at Maison Moderne?

    I'm editor-in-chief of the Paperjam Guide, the special issue of Paperjam. I manage the project, coordinating the work and developing it further each year.

    What do you like most about your job?

    Working in a team.

    What was your dream job when you were a child?

    A flamenco dancer. But I had to give that up because I was no good with castanets.

    The passion that drives you?

    Basketball, for more than 20 years. I play for Racing Club Luxembourg.

    What would you tell your friends to make them visit Luxembourg?

    I tell them that Luxembourg is not part of Germany, but a country in its own right!

    Your favourite restaurant out of the 250 listed in Explorator?

    Want to eat the best pizzas in town? Then go to the Bella Napoli. My favourite is their pizza margherita with a topping of cold mozzarella di bufala.