Sarah Macri
Managing Editor Paperjam Guide & Data Operations Manager

    What is your role at Maison Moderne? 

    Managing editor of the Paperjam Business Guide, the Paperjamspecial issue. I manage the project, taking care of its coordination and its evolution from one year to the next.

    I’m a Luxembourg “Who’s who” specialist, every day keeping track of what’s happening to companies and decision-makers. 

    We’ve got a website ( that’s updated on a daily basis, and publish a print version once a year with profiles of the main market players.

    I’m also Data Operations Manager, meaning that I’m in charge of all operations carried out on the data kept by Maison Moderne, as well as for its quality. Thanks to these two main functions, I get to work with all departments.

    What do you like most about your job?

    Working in a team and being at the heart of what’s going on, thanks to all our products!

    What was your dream job when you were a child?

    A flamenco dancer, but nothing came of that because I didn’t know how to play the castanets. 

    The passion that drives you?

    Basketball, for more than 25 years. I play for Racing Club Luxembourg. I’m captain of the women’s team and also a member of the committee.

    What would you tell to your friends to make them visit Luxembourg?

    I tell them that Luxembourg is not a region of Germany, but a real country. Though small, it’s full of great things waiting to be discovered.

    Your favourite restaurant out of the 250 listed in Explorator?

    If you want to eat the best pizzas in town, head for Bella Napoli. My favourite: pizza margherita with cold mozzarella di bufala as an extra. I could eat it over and over again.